World Blessings is an online spiritual community dedicated to the unity of souls and to the creation of a sacred earth, offering personalized spiritual support,  spiritual guidance and spiritual teachings to people of all faiths.
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World Blessings is a donation-supported spiritual teaching, healing and support resource. We welcome you to join us in a common effort to transform ourselves and the earth into the new consciousness that comes with greater light. No matter what your spiritual background, we invite you to take the next step on humanity's journey toward the sacred.

This website is open to all. There are no fees charged for any service. Your donations are needed and gratefully appreciated to help us to continue our work.

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Welcome to World Blessings

an online community of light whose purpose is to assist in the birth of a sanctified and holy earth

Message from the Light

August 29, 2014

It is time once again to let you know about the state of things globally as this is affected by the expansion of spiritual light and by the opposition of forces that would limit that. . . . keep reading

Message from Those Who Serve the Light

August 20, 2014

I ask of you at this time that whatever efforts you have been making to help in the healing of the planet, that you devote yourself with even greater determination to these efforts . . . keep reading

Caring for Your Light-body

March 25, 2014

The Earth is changing in its physical/energetic structure, and along with it, all who inhabit physical bodies are moving into a higher vibration of light. . . . keep reading

The Power of Waiting

March 8, 2014

The energy-force that is activated through waiting... is not only invisible, but is not ordinarily available to our conscious self. It is an aspect of soul-consciousness that we bring into being in fulfillment of our soul's purpose for being on the Earth, and in fulfillment of God's purposes for us. . . . keep reading

New Time

October 15, 2013

A new time has arrived both on the Earth and for the Blessings of the Light messages and the purposes of this website. . . . keep reading is founded on the spiritual guidance and wisdom of the Realms of Light and on the writings and teachings of Julie and Light Omega.

Featured Article - Spiritual Purification for Everyone

News and Updates
Messages of Light by Request - 2014
Messages of Light by Request is being re-activated at this time as one of the main offerings of Thou . . . keep reading

Spiritual Purification for Everyone

May 29, 2013

It does not matter what religious or spiritual tradition one belongs to in order that the process begin or in order that it be effective. It only matters that there is a desire for inner healing, for inner wholeness, and a simultaneous desire to center one's life around the divine Center that lives within. . . . keep reading

The Soul's Purpose

March 20, 2013

A soul who is proceeding well, lifetime after lifetime, along their own spiritual path, who is doing everything possible to advance the good that they contribute to the world, may still encounter great hardships along the way, . . . keep reading

"Embracing the Divine" with Julie Redstone
This videocast with Julie, formerly scheduled for February 10th, has been rescheduled to Sunday, February 24th, 1:30PM (EST), . . . keep reading

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Receive loving spiritual guidance messages about the transformation of the Earth and each person's participation in this sacred process.
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